Professional Home Stager Near Plymouth, Minnesota

Home to everything from rolling farmland to bustling smaller cities, Plymouth, Minnesota, truly has something for everyone. Its strong parks and recreation board mean that getting out into nature is easy. Frequent community events, such as farmers’ markets and variety shows, mean that you’ll find something to love about this area, no matter what your idea of fun is.

Houses here sell for diverse prices. Many people own homes here, but a significant portion also rent. Single-family houses comprise a big portion of the real estate in the area, as do townhomes and apartment complexes.

In short, even though the value of homes in Plymouth, Minnesota, can be high, the real estate market here is varied. Therefore, not one hard-and-fast approach can help you sell your Plymouth home. Varied economical demographics makes hiring a professional home stager in Plymouth, Minnesota the perfect way to get your Plymouth home sold.

What can Plymouth Home Staging Do for You?

Home staging is the practice of preparing a home’s interior and exterior to sell by making it as appealing to buyers as possible. Professional home stagers in Plymouth like Set to Show will have insider knowledge of market trends—what aspects of your home deserve to be highlighted—and will make suggestions regarding what upgrades should be made, how your furniture should be arranged, and how to create a comfortable interior environment for a potential buyer. In addition, a good home staging company in Plymouth will also know what intangible aspects of your real estate to show off, like a central location or a great school district.

Why hire a home staging company in Plymouth?

  • Staged homes sell for more. A 2018 survey of over 4,000 homes concluded that even when all other variables are controlled for, staged homes will sell for more than their non-staged counterparts, according to Home Staging Statistics. Sixty-eight percent of the staged homes in said survey sold for more than their unstaged counterparts in the exact same real estate market. How much more? Well, a vast majority of homes surveyed sold for between six and 25 than unstaged homes in the same market. If you’re looking to make money selling your home, a professional home stager in Plymouth is the way to go.
  • Staged homes sell faster. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged houses spend 90 percent less time on the market when compared to non-staged homes. Selling your home is stressful enough; minimizing the time spent in limbo like what is what a home staging company does best.
  • A Plymouth home staging company will support you through the whole process. Have no idea where to begin prepping your home to sell? Plymouth home staging from Set to Show can help. Our services are customizable; no matter how much or how little you need done, our team will help get you there. We pride ourselves on the unparalleled levels of support we give our clients.

What are you waiting for? Sell bigger and faster with the best home staging company in Plymouth: Set to Show! Give us a call today at 952-224-2131 to get started.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Set To Show

Home Staging Testimonial

"As we wrap up another great year in real estate, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing help you’ve provided me over all the years we’ve worked together. You are an irreplaceable component of my listing and sales activity. From the simplest condo or townhome to the luxury million dollar property, you make each seller feel like they’re the most important client I have. And, as I tell each client you work with, “the more you follow Set To Show’s advice, the faster your home will sell and for a better price”. Those words ring true for each of my clients you’ve helped."

Marty S., real estate agent
Realtor Staging Testimonial

"After working with Janet and Set To Show for almost 10 years, I always know they will truly listen to our clients and put them at ease during the entire staging process, from start to finish. They are truly able to transform homes to enhance and update in a magical way so from the photographs online to actually viewing it will draw the most attention and therefore selling the homeowners valuable asset for top dollar!"

Stephanie and Ben T., real estate agents
Vacant Home Staging Testimonial

"Set To Show did a great job with staging our house to sell. We were selling a mid-century home and they brought in items to highlight the mid-century charm of the house. It all looked great! From planning, to actual staging, to de-staging, they are great to work with. I definitely recommend Set To Show!"

Renee F., remodeler
Home Builder Staging Testimonial

"I just wanted to thank you again for your expertise and hard work. I am grateful for the artful, wonderful eye that you have. I am quite certain that the gorgeous environment you and your team created is what got the house sold so quickly. Cheers to you! "

Natalie B., homeowner
Builders Association of the Twin Cities