Professionally staging your home with Set To Show can push your sale onward and upward. Sell faster and at a higher price than without staging! In a hot market, home staging can result in receiving multiple offers and a higher sales price. A home that’s sat on the market can catch the right buyer’s eye with the help of stagers.

Whether your home is expected to sell fast and you want to take advantage of a competitive market, or it’s likely to move slow, home staging can dramatically affect your sale for the better. With over a decade of experience staging homes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, time after time we’ve seen homeowners benefit from our services by selling their home faster and at a higher final price.

Home Staging Goals

Throughout our years in the Twin Cities area staging homes, our work has proven effective in producing consistent results for homeowners. Our work brings a vacant home to life and highlights its best features, giving buyers incentive to make great offers and often stirring up the competition! What’s not to love about selling your home in a shorter time with a higher sales price?

The Primary Objectives of Set To Show Staging

  • Design with a Buyer in Mind
  • Highlight the Home’s Best Assets
  • Make Update Recommendations
  • Stir Competition, Speed Up & Boost Sale

Design with a Buyer in Mind

Certainly, you’ve heard of impressing buyers by sprucing up your home’s curb appeal and likely even the old cliche of baking cookies for a pleasant smell at the open house. Set To Show staging takes memorable presentation to the next level. We design the space in your home with a particular targeted buyer in mind. That way when a person who fits that persona walks through the door, they don’t see just another house, but rather, their must-have future home! We stay ahead of the trends when buying our furniture and other pieces, so we can show potential buyers how the home could look in a style they love. Once we work our magic, you might even want to stay!

Highlight the Home’s Best Assets

As a homeowner, you’ve probably spent many years arranging your home so that it’s unique to you and easy to live in. However, design that is easy to live in and design that is conducive to sales aren’t always the same thing. That’s where the experts at Set To Show can help!

When we assess your home, we’ll determine how to show off its best features with a design that brings it to life in a way buyers can’t resist. Everything from furniture arrangement to what goes on the walls, we know how to show off the house in a way that isn’t for living in but is ideal for driving the sale. We arrange and design for camera angles to show off the space and for a stunning first impression when shoppers step in the house.

Make Update Recommendations

From great to small, there are things you may have gotten used to over the years of owning your home that won’t appeal to potential buyers. For instance, while you love bold, original colors, your buyers might be turned off by the way the colors affect the space. Dated lighting, outlet covers, and switchplates can affect the charm and crispness of your home. If we deem it necessary, we may make these type of suggestions and anything we can’t do ourselves, we can provide you with resources to find a professional to complete the work. Every piece matters in transforming your home into a buyer’s dream.

Stir Competition, Speed Up, & Boost Your Sale

Some homeowners may not face much of a struggle in selling their home if it’s high-end, updated, or in a desirable location, but staging it before listing still offers impressive benefits. Because we design for a specific kind of buyer and accentuate the home’s best features, your house is likely to hit the sweet spot for more than one buyer! When they see a home with the features they want, designed in a style they already love, they’re more likely to see themselves there and make an offer. It really is that simple! And the statistics show that a staged home sells faster and at a higher price than an empty one.

Making Sure Your House is Set To Show

We help your potential buyers visualize their life in the house from the moment they walk in. Bringing out the home’s best assets that appeal to the type of shoppers you need is our specialty!

To move your home faster and sell at a higher price, contact our team at Set To Show today! Give us a call at 952-224-2131.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Set To Show

Home Staging Testimonial

"As we wrap up another great year in real estate, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing help you’ve provided me over all the years we’ve worked together. You are an irreplaceable component of my listing and sales activity. From the simplest condo or townhome to the luxury million dollar property, you make each seller feel like they’re the most important client I have. And, as I tell each client you work with, “the more you follow Set To Show’s advice, the faster your home will sell and for a better price”. Those words ring true for each of my clients you’ve helped."

Marty S., real estate agent
Realtor Staging Testimonial

"After working with Janet and Set To Show for almost 10 years, I always know they will truly listen to our clients and put them at ease during the entire staging process, from start to finish. They are truly able to transform homes to enhance and update in a magical way so from the photographs online to actually viewing it will draw the most attention and therefore selling the homeowners valuable asset for top dollar!"

Stephanie and Ben T., real estate agents
Vacant Home Staging Testimonial

"Set To Show did a great job with staging our house to sell. We were selling a mid-century home and they brought in items to highlight the mid-century charm of the house. It all looked great! From planning, to actual staging, to de-staging, they are great to work with. I definitely recommend Set To Show!"

Renee F., remodeler
Home Builder Staging Testimonial

"I just wanted to thank you again for your expertise and hard work. I am grateful for the artful, wonderful eye that you have. I am quite certain that the gorgeous environment you and your team created is what got the house sold so quickly. Cheers to you! "

Natalie B., homeowner
Builders Association of the Twin Cities