Our Difference

There is a common misconception that home staging services are a relatively new idea, however, we have been in the business of transforming empty spaces into a targeted buyer’s appealing dream home for over a decade! While many home staging companies were born recently of the thought that anyone can do it, we are seasoned experts with a proven track record of success. It’s about so much more than dropping in some furniture for a few days; it is a true art.

What You Can Expect From Set To Show

When you work with our team at Set To Show, you will see a difference in the quality of our work. We pride ourselves on producing environments that drive sales and turn empty houses into a buyer’s perfect dream home.

  • Custom Designs
  • On and Ahead of Trend
  • Quality Materials
  • Smart, Creative Thinking

Custom Designs: Tailored

Much to the delight of our stagers, each of our designs are tailored to the space, bringing out its features without overfilling it. For each home we stage, they create a magazine-like space that’s ideal for the type of buyer you want to want your home. We take into account the lighting, the angles, and other features of the rooms in a home. Then the stager brings their design into reality in the home, bringing it to life for photos, showings, open houses, and offers!


On & Ahead of Trend: Keeping Up With The Joneses

To design the home of your desired buyer’s dreams, we have to keep up with what’s in style. We are striving to constantly stay ahead of the trends and buy the latest furniture and decor. We want the homes we stage to appeal to a current buyer who will likely hit the stores even before they sign the dotted line. With our staging, the gears begin to turn in their heads the moment they walk through the door and soon after they begin to see the house as their future home.

Quality Materials: Creating a Unique and Polished Look

We buy our furnishings and materials from a wide variety of stores and producers, allowing us to craft a custom, high-end design that elevates the appeal of your home to potential buyers. All of the furniture we use in staging is brand new, without wear and tear. Unique pieces help shoppers to see the home as a unique fit for them, encouraging the must-have feeling as they walk through the space.

Smart, Creative Thinking: Covering All Bases

Our angle in staging a home is often wherever the camera will go. We aren’t solely thinking of appealing to the buyer in person, but also from a home’s online listing. Often buyers will determine whether or not they’re interested in visiting the home based on the photography. A house that’s been staged by Set To Show has buyers eager to see with their own eyes! And because we know they’ll see more in person than in the pictures, we take into account the entire feeling of the room, floor to ceiling. Everything from light fixtures to rugs and paint are a part of what helps a home sell. If we think your house needs a touchup or some new lighting, we’ll get you connected with a contractor who can help.

More Than Meets the Eye

Home staging done right is more than renting some furniture and putting new towels in the bathroom – leave it to the professionals! With quality staging materials, decades of experience, and excellent customer service, we create beautiful and inviting spaces designed to attract the right buyer. Set To Show has been helping sell homes in the Twin Cities faster and for more money for over a decade.

To view what we can do, check out Our Work here. To arrange a visit from Set To Show and receive a custom bid, call us at 952-224-2131.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Set To Show

Home Staging Testimonial

"As we wrap up another great year in real estate, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing help you’ve provided me over all the years we’ve worked together. You are an irreplaceable component of my listing and sales activity. From the simplest condo or townhome to the luxury million dollar property, you make each seller feel like they’re the most important client I have. And, as I tell each client you work with, “the more you follow Set To Show’s advice, the faster your home will sell and for a better price”. Those words ring true for each of my clients you’ve helped."

Marty S., real estate agent
Realtor Staging Testimonial

"After working with Janet and Set To Show for almost 10 years, I always know they will truly listen to our clients and put them at ease during the entire staging process, from start to finish. They are truly able to transform homes to enhance and update in a magical way so from the photographs online to actually viewing it will draw the most attention and therefore selling the homeowners valuable asset for top dollar!"

Stephanie and Ben T., real estate agents
Vacant Home Staging Testimonial

"Set To Show did a great job with staging our house to sell. We were selling a mid-century home and they brought in items to highlight the mid-century charm of the house. It all looked great! From planning, to actual staging, to de-staging, they are great to work with. I definitely recommend Set To Show!"

Renee F., remodeler
Home Builder Staging Testimonial

"I just wanted to thank you again for your expertise and hard work. I am grateful for the artful, wonderful eye that you have. I am quite certain that the gorgeous environment you and your team created is what got the house sold so quickly. Cheers to you! "

Natalie B., homeowner
Builders Association of the Twin Cities