Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie Home Staging

Eden Prairie has made its mark as a friendly suburban community that’s the perfect place to settle down and raise kids. Many people attest to the welcoming nature of the residents here, as well as the high-quality public schools.

On the real estate side of things, quite a few people who live here are homeowners, with many home values being in the mid three figures. A significant amount of residents live in single-family homes or townhomes. Regardless, there’s no better time than the present to invest in professional home staging in Eden Prairie, as it can make your home or rental property stand out in a highly competitive market.

Why Hire a Home Staging Company in Eden Prairie?

Because of Eden Prairie’s high home values and convenient location relative to the Metro, it’s crucial that everything in your home is not only in perfect working condition, but also somewhat minimalist—yet, overall, aesthetically pleasing. All those together are tall orders for the busy homeowner, but they won’t be when you hire a home staging company in Eden Prairie like Set to Show! We’ll work to set your property above the rest in its market demographic by:

  • Capitalizing on your home’s strong points. Does your home have nice windows? A great backyard? How about a gorgeous, modernized kitchen? Our Eden Prairie home staging services provide an outside, professional opinion and a knowledge of current market trends, which will enable both the seller and real estate agent to play up a property’s strengths.
  • Suggesting ways to prioritize. When you’re working with high property values, such as those in Eden Prairie, buyers often expect everything to be in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, because many sellers must juggle multiple showings in between already packed schedules, sometimes a little prioritization is necessary. Our home staging company in Eden Prairie will work within your budget and time constraints to help you get your home looking its best to sell; we know what truly matters in the eyes of a buyer and will work with this in mind.
  • Possibly increasing your home’s market value. Would you spend more on a fixer-upper or a ready-to-go home? A kitschy old villa or a magnificently modernized mansion? The professional home stagers in Eden Prairie at Set to Show will help to transform your home into an eye-catching piece of Eden Prairie real estate—one that’s worthy of a gracious selling price.

In Need of a Home Staging Company in Eden Prairie? Set to Show is Here to Help.

Set to Show is a New Hope-based professional home staging company with expertise working all around the Minneapolis area. We have over a decade of experience doing what we do, and we’re ready to work our staging magic on both vacant and occupied homes. To get started, give us a call today at 952-224-2131 .

What Our Clients Have to Say About Set To Show

Home Staging Testimonial

"As we wrap up another great year in real estate, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing help you’ve provided me over all the years we’ve worked together. You are an irreplaceable component of my listing and sales activity. From the simplest condo or townhome to the luxury million dollar property, you make each seller feel like they’re the most important client I have. And, as I tell each client you work with, “the more you follow Set To Show’s advice, the faster your home will sell and for a better price”. Those words ring true for each of my clients you’ve helped."

Marty S., real estate agent
Realtor Staging Testimonial

"After working with Janet and Set To Show for almost 10 years, I always know they will truly listen to our clients and put them at ease during the entire staging process, from start to finish. They are truly able to transform homes to enhance and update in a magical way so from the photographs online to actually viewing it will draw the most attention and therefore selling the homeowners valuable asset for top dollar!"

Stephanie and Ben T., real estate agents
Vacant Home Staging Testimonial

"Set To Show did a great job with staging our house to sell. We were selling a mid-century home and they brought in items to highlight the mid-century charm of the house. It all looked great! From planning, to actual staging, to de-staging, they are great to work with. I definitely recommend Set To Show!"

Renee F., remodeler
Home Builder Staging Testimonial

"I just wanted to thank you again for your expertise and hard work. I am grateful for the artful, wonderful eye that you have. I am quite certain that the gorgeous environment you and your team created is what got the house sold so quickly. Cheers to you! "

Natalie B., homeowner
Builders Association of the Twin Cities