What buyers see when they step through the door into your house is crucial to their determination about whether it could be their future home. That’s why we do what we do – professional home staging makes for a striking first impression that drives the right buyer to submit an offer!

The primary goal of staging is to make a great first impression not only for showings but for the online listing photos that will spark shoppers’ interest.

Two Ways to Stage Your Home

Even though we have been professional home stagers for a decade, we aren’t afraid to tell you there are certainly some things you can do yourself. Especially if you’re still living in your home while it’s listed, DIY home staging might be your best bet. If you are moving out before you sell, we highly recommend professional staging before you list your home, but more on that later.

Tricks and Tips for DIY Home Staging

Tidy Up. To make your home into a space that appeals to buyers who see photos and visit in person, you’ll need to start by tidying up. The ways of normal living are not to be seen when trying to sell a house! Staging is meant to help a house look like a home rather than leave it empty and dull. However, that doesn’t mean it should be full to the brim. Clean up clutter, store it in creative ways or get rid of it, but whatever you do keep it out of sight. Shoppers don’t want to be overwhelmed by miscellaneous stuff, and it’ll make even the best photos of your house look ho-hum.

Control the Color. Color pops can make an impression, but not always a positive one that will help the sale of your house. While you might like bold and bright colors in your home, it won’t appeal to a broader audience which includes prospective buyers. Put on your paint clothes and start rolling! Tone down the colors in your house, decorate with light neutrals that are sleek and accessible to a range of shoppers. Muted colors help give life to the space without overwhelming shoppers or deterring them from imagining it as theirs.

Shed Some Light. Not only do the light fixtures have an effect on a buyer’s impression of your house, the type of light bulbs can affect the feeling of a room. If you have rooms with poor lighting or inconsistent coloring throughout your home, making some changes could make all the difference. Typically, we recommend a bright white light from a good, old fashioned bulb at the highest wattage your fixture will allow. This type of bulb will light up the room immediately instead of needing to warm up. 

Professional Home Staging Advantages

With ten years of experience staging homes in the Twin Cities, we’ve seen the difference our work makes in helping a home sell faster and for an excellent return on the cost to do it! We have the experience, skills, and means to transform your house into a future buyer’s dream home!

To have our professional home staging team give your home that striking first impression that sells, call us at 952-224-2131. For occupied homes, ask about our consultation service where we assess your home with your own furniture and give you a recommended list of changes.