Selling a vacant home is oftentimes more difficult than selling an already furnished home. However, there may be some circumstances the seller cannot avoid that forces them to leave their home vacant. Additionally, homes may be left vacant if they’ve been newly built, or if a renter has vacated the property and there is no one lined up to move in. Staging your home is a sure-fire way to get immediate interest and offers, but selling a vacant home can be accomplished. Here, our experts at Set To Show will walk you through the process.

Get The Property Appraised

Not only is an appraisal crucial to an accurate selling price, but it also proves you’re a credible seller. When you get a proper home appraisal, your home will be properly priced, and buyers instantly become more comfortable knowing someone else inspected the property and it’s not just you deciding how much the home is worth.

Factor In Repair Costs

When you need to vacate your home, it’s important to get it inspected and get a consultation from multiple contractors to see how much any repairs may cost. Though you do not have to do the repairs right away, it is important to have that information when negotiating selling prices. You can factor the repair costs into the selling price, which is especially helpful if you had everything repaired. You can sell the home for more or add the repair costs onto the initial price.

Keep The Utilities On

If you shut your utilities off when you vacate your home, it may turn off potential visitors who stop by to do a tour. Additionally, the lack of light and other comforts may make the home seem like it needs many repairs when that is simply not the case. Shutting off the utilities can also damage the home when there is severe weather. Pipes could burst if they freeze and leaks could occur, among many other problems.

Disclose All Repairs Needed

By disclosing any repairs needed on your property, you can ensure you’re not liable for any issues they may cause to the new owner. It is common practice to cover the repairs yourself before you sell, but if you do not, the new owner needs to be told in the case of an issue down the road.

Consider Staging Your Home

It’s common knowledge that staging your home typically makes it sell faster and at a higher price. Vacant homes tend to sell more slowly because potential buyers cannot envision their furniture and belongings in an empty space. Empty homes tend to look smaller than they actually are, which can also hinder the selling process. When you stage your home, you can also worry less about a break-in as intruders will be less likely to enter a home they think is inhabited.

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