Pricing your home correctly and properly marketing it are crucial to getting your home to sell, but there’s also another way to get your property to sell faster and for more than your asking price – and who wouldn’t want that?


If you’re hoping to get as much money as possible for your house and have it sell quickly, consider hiring a home staging company such as Set To Show in the Twin Cities to stage your home prior to putting it on the market.


Years ago, home staging services were primarily used to attract wealthy buyers to multi-million-dollar homes. But now it has become standard for all price points to help the property stand out in a sometimes-crowded market.


Home staging services can help homes sell faster


Professional home stagers are experts when it comes to highlighting a home’s best features, allowing prospective buyers to picture themselves actually living in the home, instead of seeing the way you lived there.


Some buyers are able to picture furniture in an empty room or get past undesirable paint colors, but if you’ve ever watched a show on HGTV, you know that there are some who just can’t get over superficial or easy-to-change things about a home. A home staging company can help turn any negatives about a home into positives, giving the buyer a positive first impression of the property and help your home stand out compared to others they’ve seen.


Doing this can also help your home sell faster than it would if it wasn’t staged.


Professional home stagers can help you get more for your home


Yes, any home that is priced correctly will eventually sell. But when a home is staged by professional home stagers, it can help the property sell faster and command top dollar.


Because buyers need to envision themselves living in a home, a professionally staged home will help meet a buyer’s expectations and support the price point of a home. If the home really stands out to the buyer, they’ll be willing to pay the list price – or more – for the property they fell in love with.


In fact, studies have shown that professional home staging services can help a house sell for up to 15 percent more than the list price.


Realtor home staging services help drum up interest


If you’re considering selling your home, it’s best to hire a home staging company prior to putting your property on the market.


That’s because professional home stagers, such as Set To Show, stage homes with photos in mind. When a buyer sees the gorgeous photos of your home online, they’ll be more likely to schedule a showing and see how amazing the property is in person.


Getting potential buyers through the door is the first key step in selling your home, and if they fall in love they’ll be more likely to put in a higher offer faster so their offer is accepted.


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Set To Show offers a variety of services to meet your home staging needs. We consult with homeowners, Realtors, and builders to stage a property, so the buyer’s attention is drawn to the home’s best features. We do everything from helping clients who are currently living in the home they’re trying to sell, to providing the furniture and accessories for a vacant home to show the property in the best light.


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