After a long and cold winter, people are looking for signs of spring at every turn. Warming weather, budding trees, and the first daffodils all mark the slow arrival of spring here in Minnesota. Spring is a time of renewal and excitement, and over the years has shown itself to be a prime season for selling a home. There are other reasons why spring is the busiest home selling and buying season. We see longer days, easier travel, more options for buyers, better prices for sellers, and of course, the return to the outdoors. Getting a house ready to sell in the spring requires more attention to the outside of your home, including the exterior and yard. Here are some tips we have for improving your home’s spring curb appeal after a long winter:


●        Front door and porch - These areas can take a beating through winter. Snow, dirt, salt, and grime can create buildup on your front door and porch, which is not very inviting to a potential buyer. We recommend washing the door, the porch railing and flooring and any outdoor furniture. Also, polish your door hardware and invest in repairing or replacing anything that doesn’t function properly.

●        Windows - One of the great joys of spring is being able to open windows to let in fresh air. However, spring is also when we start to notice the layer of dirt and grime on our windows! Give your windows a good cleaning, both inside and out, to really make your home shine. And for another special touch of spring, consider adding flower boxes to your front windows.

●        Shutters - Shutters can create a lovely color and texture accent to a home exterior. However, if left in disrepair, they can become unsightly. Wash the shutters and add a fresh coat of paint. Or, if your shutters need to be replaced or you’d like to add the feature to your home, you can purchase affordable and updated styles that are easy to install.

●        Siding - Even the newest siding can get dirty, so we recommend giving your siding a good power wash before you sell your home this spring. You’ll be surprised by the difference this can make!

●        Landscaping - While there’s only so much you can do in the early stages of spring here in Minnesota, there are some little things you can do to your landscaping which will have a big impact when you put your home on the market.

○        Rake the yard and pick up debris

○        Mow diagonally

○        Edge the lawn along your sidewalk and driveway

○        Trim bushes

○        Add potted plants and flowers if it’s too early to plant or transplant into the ground

●        Lighting - With home showings during the day, it can be easy to forget about how your home looks in the late afternoon and evening time. Even if you aren’t showing your home at dusk, potential buyers may drive by to get a feel for it at that time of day. Display your home in the best light possible by checking all outdoor light bulbs. Replace any that are dull and repair any flickering or non-functioning outdoor lights.


With your home exterior looking nice and welcoming for spring, now it’s time to give our team of professionals at Set To Show a call to stage your home interior. We’ve been staging homes to sell in the Twin Cities for over a decade, consistently helping our clients sell their homes faster and for more.