A staged home spends 90 percent less time on the market than unstaged homes and sells for about 17 percent more than unstaged homes. If you are looking to sell a home, staging is something you should consider based on these statistics alone. But if you have never staged a home before, you may wonder why home staging can help a home to sell faster. Here are a few of the reasons why. 


Defines Each Room and Space

When you are looking to sell a home, one of the ways staging can help it sell faster is by defining what each room and space truly is. If a home is empty, vacant home staging services can place furniture in each room and/or space to show off what the space is designed to be. And even if the home is not empty, this may still be necessary. Some people may be using a formal dining room as a playroom or an office space. But unless the furniture is in there to define it as a formal dining room, buyers may have trouble seeing it as such. The furniture helps them to see this and shows exactly how the space is designed to be used. 


Helps Buyers Envision Living in a Home

Another reason staging a home can help it sell faster is because it helps buyers envision living in a home. When a home is empty, it can come across as cold and sterile. If it is filled with your personal belongings, the home may be impersonal to a buyer. A home staging company can make a home feel warm and inviting to those who are viewing it. This helps them to envision themselves or their family living there, which ultimately can help it to sell faster. 


Maximizes the Space Available

The last way staging a home can help it to sell faster is by maximizing the space available. Professional home stagers use furniture that is in scale with the size, dimensions and shape of the room. Using furniture that is too small can make a room seem larger and overwhelming. Using furniture that is too large can make a room seem small and cramped. The right sized furniture shows a buyer what can fit in the space and how comfortable the space is. 


Are you looking to sell a home? Do you want it to sell faster and for possibly more money? Then let Set to Show help you. We are professional home stagers who can help to stage your home in an effort to make it look perfect and help it to sell faster. Contact us today at (952) 224-2131 to discuss your staging needs.