If you are selling your Minneapolis, Minnesota vacant home, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes.  Whether you’re a first time seller or a seasoned real estate dealer, placing your house on the market can be a scary and challenging experience. And since ,“oops,” is not something you wish to say, it’s essential to learn some common mistakes other home sellers have made in the past so you can avoid them. From making repairs to hiring professional home stagers, you want to do everything right. Here are five mistakes you should avoid.


Asking Too Much

Nowadays, buyers can access sufficient information on recently sold homes, meaning that they will not make offers for more than what your house is worth. You shouldn’t overprice your home even if the market is strong. A smart strategy would be to price your house realistically to attract more buyers, get more offers, and even start a bidding war.


Being Emotionally Attached

If you have owned the home for some years, it is natural to be fond of the place. After all, you have nested and created beautiful memories with your loved ones in that home. But when you decide to sell it, you’ll need to detach and think about your home’s weaknesses and strengths. View your property the way a buyer will, and it will be easy to know your property’s features, flaws, and faults.


Failing to Make Repairs

Since most buyers don’t want to buy a home that hasn’t been maintained, you’ll need to repair your home before placing it on the market.  If your roof requires some shingles or the HVAC is broken, consider fixing these issues first. Expensive repairs are deal breakers for buyers, but fixing the problems will create a positive impression.


Forgetting to Stage your Home

A vacant house will sell slowly compared to an occupied one because buyers prefer to see the property as a home and not an empty shell. Ensuring that the house has enough décor and furniture will make it look better when potential buyers come to view it. Be sure to hire a reliable home staging company to stage the rooms and make your home appealing. Though vacant home staging services are an extra cost, you’ll surely get the money back once you get an excellent buyer.


Not Prepping for Photography

Many buyers search for homes online, and they rely on the pictures to choose before they can visit in person. Prepare and get an expert to take great photos − this will ensure that your home shines and increase your chances of getting a buyer.


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