When selling your home, it can be tempting to prepare your house using a few tips found on your local real estate show. However, overeager homeowners often make some simple mistakes when staging the property that can negatively impact the ability to sell in a timely fashion. When you hire professional home stagers from Set to Show, they can help you avoid some of these common missteps and close on the sale for a better price in record time.

We Painted! But It's too Bright

You chose a pretty green for the kitchen—but it was actually closer to electric lime. Potential buyers walked out of the open house frowning. A fresh coat of a neutral color leaves a soothing impression and a blank slate for the buyer's own style.

Fixed Up the Collectibles for a Better Display

Your prized collection of whiskey glasses simply appear as overcrowded shelves to a person shopping for a home, even if they are sparkling clean. Your display cases should be only half full, leaving room for the buyer to fit their own items into the space—at least in their mind's eye. Pack up the extra baubles for now.

Decluttered the Kitchen and Forgot to Clean

If your counters are stained, chipped, and dirty, it won't matter that you cleared off an endless vista of a functional workspace. Once your home has been thinned out, it's time to roll up your sleeves and scrub it until it shines. A potential buyer will then see the space and not the dirt.

Mowed the Lawn but Missed Trimming the Shrubs

After living in a house for several years, you may not realize that the evergreens are completely blocking the windows from the street. Giving trees and hedges a good trim will leave the yard looking well kept, instead of another area that needs more work. Add a pot of flowers to the front step for color.

Removed too much Furniture

The storage pod is almost overflowing, but now there is only a lonely bed or table left in the guest room. An empty room is as difficult for a buyer to envision as a comfortable living space as one that is overcrowded. Make sure that every room looks ready to live in.

After considering all the challenges faced when trying to properly stage your Minneapolis/St. Paul area home to sell, it is easy to see that calling in a home staging company like Set to Show can save you time, frustration, and ultimately money. Give us a call today at 952-224-2131 for your personalized home staging consultation.