Trends in home decorating and design come and go. A new trend looks fresh, but can quickly become overused, and down the road, it may make your home look dated.


Here are some design trends that have become overly popular, and it’s about time we say goodbye:


●        White everything. White walls, furniture, and rugs look crisp and beautiful, but is it realistic in a world of spills, children, and pets? Not really.


The all-white everything has been a dominant design trend in recent years, and although it will still have its place, people are embracing more colors in their homes. Adding color can still make your space look sophisticated and beautiful while adding warmth and personality to an all-white room. Plus, it won’t be the end of the world if someone spills some red wine on your rich brown rug.


And if you really want to get crazy, ditch the white trim. Instead, try painting the trim a shade lighter or darker than the wall color. It’ll be chic and beautiful.


●        Open shelving. This trend, although can look great, is even more impractical than all-white everything in a home. If you have open shelving and gorgeous, color-coordinated dishes that look perfect when displayed, more power to you—keep those open shelves! But for the average homeowner, that’s not the case. Plus, when you’re cooking, cupboard doors help keep all that grease from accumulating on your artfully stacked dishes.


●        Word art decals and oversized letters. These popular trends are way overdone, so they’re looking tired and no longer feel special. Word art decals that are meant to be inspirational often come off as corny, while giant letters can look cheap.


Instead, visit a local gallery and pick up a unique piece of art to hang on your wall. It’s a better alternative to the no-longer-trendy letter look and won’t go out of style as home design trends change.


●        Too many plants. Bringing in the natural world is a plus in any home design, but too much is never a good thing.  A plant or two is fine – and encouraged! – but your living room shouldn’t be filled with plants, so it looks and feels like you’re sitting in the jungle.


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