When you’re selling your home, making it appeal to buyers of all backgrounds can be difficult. When you choose a professional home staging company, such as Set To Show, experts can walk you through how to stage your home so it appeals to the masses. Buyers want to envision themselves in the home with their own belongings. Here, our experts will walk you through what buyers do and don’t care about when they tour a home.

What Not To Do

You and your family’s personal belongings, pictures, and achievements won’t matter to the people looking to buy your home. They will want to imagine their personal belongings in the room.


Buyers Don’t Care About:

●        Your family’s accomplishments, certificates, trophies, awards, etc. They are unnecessary additions to a room when people are touring, and may distract potential buyers from properly inspecting the room.

●        Every family picture you’ve ever taken. A picture here and there is fine, but much more than that is a turn off to a buyer.

●        How much money you recently spent decorating the space. Honestly, they’ll probably change it. The chance that your tastes match with a potential buyer’s are slim.

●        The collectibles and trinkets you have accumulated throughout the years. Displaying small trinkets here and there will keep the space from looking bare, but potential buyers will not want to see every trinket you’ve ever bought.

What To Do

Conforming your space so potential buyers can envision themselves in the home is crucial. By using common sense and consulting with professionals, you can learn what buyers care about.


Buyers Do Care About:

●        The cleanliness of the home. If you don’t take the time to properly clean your home and ensure it is ready for the sharp eyes of potential buyers, it may affect the number of offers you get on your home or the price of the offers.

●        The paint job in the room or the state of the trim. If there are chips, holes, or other infractions in your paint and trim, buyers will likely take notice, and they may not put in a substantial offer.

●        Appliances, countertops, and flooring being in pristine condition. If any of these items is outdated, buyers will take notice and perhaps be deterred from making an offer because they know they will have to pay to upgrade the appliances and other features.

●        There’s not much space inside, and the curb appeal is bleak. Decluttering and ensuring your home is attractive from the outside are perhaps two of the most important tasks when you’re selling your home. Buyers want to see the space available and how their lives can mold into it.

So, What Should You Do?

Using your common sense and the help of home staging experts, you can make your home attractive to any buyer. Even if the home is reasonably priced and marketed correctly, the appearance can make or break the amount you sell for and the time frame in which you sell. By keeping these things in mind, you can help yourself when it comes to selling your home.

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