It is a seller’s market in the Twin Cities, but you should still consider utilizing a home staging company like Set to Show to get top dollar when you go to sell your home. Here are four reasons why our home staging services will help you sell your home faster and for more money:


1.      We Design with the Buyer in Mind

Your house has served as the backdrop to some of your family’s most cherished memories, and that is fantastic. But prospective buyers do not want to see how you lived in your home. They want to picture how their life will look if they move in.


That is where home staging experts like Set To Show come in. We design the space in your home to target the buyer, showing off all the possibilities the home has, so when that prospective buyer pulls up to your house and opens the front door, they fall in love with their future home. When the buyer falls in love with your home, they will be more willing to offer list price or higher to make sure they get it. And if you are lucky enough to get multiple offers, prospective buyers will be inclined to shell out more money to make sure they get to buy the home of their dreams.


For this scenario to happen — even in the current seller’s market — your home has to be memorable to the buyer. At Set To Show, we stage your home with the latest trends so prospective buyers won’t want to look anywhere else.


2.      We Show Off Your Home’s Most Impressive Features

Your home is probably arranged for what works best for the way you live in your home, but that does not always mean it’s showing off your home’s best features.


At Set To Show, we come in with fresh eyes and a keen sense of design in order to highlight the best features of your home. We consider everything from furniture choices and placement to wall hangings to better show off your home’s most impressive features and make rooms look larger in order to woo buyers.


3.      We Will Make Recommendations

As we mentioned earlier in this blog post, when you are selling your home, you don’t necessarily want to show how it was lived in, but instead, you want to show how buyer’s life will be when they move in. To do this, we will make recommendations to make your house, well, a little less you.


These recommendations may be as small as switching out the brass knobs on your kitchen cupboards for matte black knobs or updating dinged or dingy outlet covers with new ones to give your home a crisp, trendy look and feel. Some recommendations may be for larger projects, such as painting that hot pink bathroom a satisfying gray or replacing the dated light fixture hanging above your dining room table.


Heeding our recommendations will turn your lovely home into a place potential buyers will dream to live in.


4.      We Create a Targeted Buyer’s Ideal Environment

At Set To Show, we are up on the latest and greatest design trends. This is important in order for us to give you the right recommendations for how to design and arrange your home in a way that’s ideal for your target buyer.


Home Staging Experts in the Twin Cities


At Set To Show, we help potential buyers see themselves living in your house from the moment they open the front door, which will help your home sell faster and at a higher price.


Contact us at 952-224-2131 to learn more about how our home staging services can help homeowners, real estate agents, and homebuilders.