As with any industry, trends come and go. However, even though they’re impermanent, they’re by no means superficial! The power of trends lies in their near universal appeal; almost everyone wants to look like they’re keeping up with the times. Harnessing the power of what’s in style can make your home more appealing to potential buyers and can leave you, as a seller, with extra money in your pocket.


Below, the professional home stagers at Set to Show bring you a crash course on what’s trending these days when it comes to home staging—because it quite literally pays to be in style.

Getting Artsy: Using Color and Design to Your Advantage

These days, potential buyers like to see a little personality in your decor. You don’t need to spend a bunch by any means, but getting a little adventurous with your color use and design choices can appeal to a variety of demographics. Home staging services can help you nail down the specifics when it comes to your individual circumstances, but below are a few starting points you can use to liven up your home.


●        Think warm colors. While muted greys are still popular with the first-time home buyer, warmer browns and taupes are on the rise for walls and cabinets.

●        Don’t shy away from patterns! An accent patterned wallpaper in the bathroom can really pop.

●        Mixed metals are now acceptable. They’re more than acceptable nowadays; anything goes, really. Polished brass isn’t your only option! Consider antique gold or silver, too; whatever matches with the aesthetic of any given room.

●        Texture is a powerful visual tool. Textured items, such as patterned carpet, add visual interest to a room without making it too busy or cluttered. Just make sure your colors harmonize and don’t clash!

●        Bring the outdoors in. Adding a touch of greenery to every room creates a relaxed air. Large windows with views of lush lawns also can create this effect.

●        Use tile as artwork. Redoing the tile in your bathroom and using it as the room’s visual centerpiece can be an audacious move. As long as you don’t overdo it, your potential buyers will be blown away.

●        Update your fireplace. Today’s buyers are looking for a sleeker, more modern finish to their fireplaces. Investing in a wall-mounted look can be a wise move and can put cash in your pocket.


Hire Homeowner Staging Services to Put it all Together

If all the trends listed above seem overwhelming, we don’t blame you. That’s why Set to Show, as a home staging company, exists! We’ve got our ears to the ground; we know what potential buyers are looking for. We’ll help you make the most use of the resources you have available to sell your home for top dollar. For more information about our services, contact our New Hope location today at 952-224-2131.