Recent studies have shown that staged homes spend on average 90% less time on the market than unstaged homes. Additionally, staged homes on average sell for 17% more than unstaged homes. Considering these two facts alone, home staging is something you should consider if you are looking to sell your home. Here, Set To Show will go through additional reasons as to why you should stage your home when it’s time to sell.

Staging Gives Your Space Definition

Oftentimes when homes are on the market, they are vacant. When there are open houses or individual tours, it can be difficult for potential buyers to envision the space available if there is nothing in the home. By choosing a staging company like Set To Show, we can come in and place furniture, which allows potential buyers to see what the space is truly designed for. However, staging a home doesn’t just involve placing furniture to make the room look more homey. It is cleaning, painting, repairing, and more so you are putting your full effort toward selling from the get-go.


Sometimes, even if there is still furniture in the home, staging companies can replace some furniture so buyers get the right idea. This is especially true when certain  rooms in a home are used for things other than their purpose, such as if the dining room is being used as an office. By staging rooms, you give them a purpose, which in turn shows buyers how they can use the space for their needs.

It Helps Buyers Create Their Own Vision

When people tour vacant homes, the homes can seem cold and foreboding. A staging company can set up the space to look welcoming, which can go a long way. Instead of trying to imagine how their own furniture could fit, the staged furniture allows them to see how the space is meant to be used. If potential buyers visit, only to see your personal belongings everywhere, it can be difficult for them to envision building a life there. Our experts can eradicate that problem by helping you store your belongings and replace them with fewer personal touches.

Experts Utilize The Space Available

When the space is vacant or too full of belongings, it can be difficult for potential buyers to get a good feel of the house. However, at Set To Show, we can come in and either set up your home with the proper furniture for the space, or we can replace existing furniture with furniture that better fits the space. If the items in the home are too large, it can seem cramped, and vice versa. When you choose our services, our experts will assess your home and give our expert advice and services so your home is staged in a way that gives our clients a chance to sell the home for a higher price in a shorter amount of time.


Additionally, experts will help you take proper photos of your staged home to post online. If you don’t have many pictures of your home, or they are low quality, people will be less likely to schedule a showing. Taking properly staged photos can help you sell faster and for more money.

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