Fall is a time of nesting. The high temperatures and long sunshine-filled days of summer are changing into cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and shorter days. What does this mean? It’s a perfect time to get your home in shape for winter months.

Focus on the outside. Did you know that fall is the best time to trim your trees and get any dead branches out? Rake leaves, clean your gutters and down-spouts, and make sure any exterior repairs are completed before snow and cold temperatures hit. Walk around the exterior of your home and check for any holes that may offer a convenient entryway for small critters. (Fall is a great time to take advantage of an annual pest control plan). Check doors, stairs and walkways for potential risks. Cold temps tend to exacerbate even a small problem, like a loose paver or cracked concrete or asphalt. Shut off any exterior faucets; roll up and store your hoses.

Ready to move inside? Schedule your Fall furnace tune-up; change the furnace and the humidifier filters. Address any drafty areas by weather-stripping doors and windows. Have you had your chimney checked lately? If not, have it cleaned and repair any cracks. If you are getting ready to sell your home, it’s a great time to have the chimney viewed with a video camera. Save this report in case potential buyers request a copy. Check smoke and CO detectors; change batteries. Remember to examine your fire extinguishers for expiration dates. Did you know you need a fire extinguisher in a central location on each level of your home, as well as near any sources of heat?

Clean, donate, and recycle! The change of seasons is always a great time to deep-clean your home. When moving summer clothes and switching to fall and winter clothes, think about donating anything you have not worn for a year. Simplify shelves in the kitchen, bathrooms and hall closets. If you haven’t used something recently, maybe someone else will. Recycle all those old electronics and dispose of paint cans that collect in the garage or basement.

Fall décor trends. If you are someone who likes to change up your interior décor as the temperatures change, people tend to switch from cool colors like cool blues, sunny yellows, and organic greens to warmer tones, like rusts, deep reds, rich blues, and dark greens. It’s easiest to change out your décor pillows and table- top items, like vases, centerpieces and greenery. Candles in the fall and winter months instantly make a space feel cozier. Add a chunky throw or two and you are ready to curl up in front of the fireplace.

How should you decorate for the holidays when trying to sell your home? This is probably one of the most common topics that divides the staging industry. Some stagers encourage you to decorate as you always would and enjoy your home and holiday season. Others say you shouldn’t have anything seasonal out because you may alienate a potential buyer. We recommend erring on the lighter side of holiday décor, particularly to show off the key selling features of your home. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have anything out, just don’t hide your gorgeous mantel or rich wood railing with heavy seasonal décor. Or block a key view with a large decorative object. Please remember not every holiday is universally celebrated, so be sure every potential buyer feels welcome. 

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