What A Home Staging Company Does

Set To Show provides a unique and valuable service. What we do is called home staging. Essentially, we provide furnishings and other items for home on the market and carefully arrange these items to improve the home’s ambiance. Studies show that a professionally staged home sells more quickly and for more money than an empty home. Put yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes: Is it easier to imagine great moments with your family in a vacant house or a home that looks ready to move into? To learn more about the specific benefits of professional home staging, read on.

Top Benefits Of Home Staging

1.      Vacant Home Staging Services Improve The Home’s Ambiance

Perhaps the most important benefit of the services of a home staging company is the marked improvement in the home’s ambiance. This is hard to quantify, but you can feel it as soon as you step into a home that has been set up by a professional home staging service. You can get some idea of this benefit by looking at pictures of professionally staged homes, but you’ll really feel the difference the first time you list a home and walk through after professional staging.

2.      Our Home Staging Company Provides Quality Furnishings

Another benefit of using a reputable home staging firm like Set To Show is the quality of the furnishings and items. You could purchase or rent these items yourself, but this would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Of course, you’d still have to set up the furnishings and such by yourself. We provide everything you need and set it up with our professional eye.

3.      You Don’t Have To Remove The Furnishings Yourself

One of the most overlooked benefits of professional home staging is not having to remove the furnishings yourself. If you try to do things yourself, you’ll likely end up having to deal with the removal of furnishings and other items on your own. This can be a tremendous pain and a waste of time. Set To Show will gladly take care of this for you.

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Set To Show is one of the most popular and reputable home staging companies in the Twin Cities area. We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond from our location in New Hope. Visit our website today to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.