Selling your home can be tough, especially in today’s market where buyers want open layouts with ample space. Many homes, especially older ones, were not built with today’s design trends in mind and may be difficult to sell for that reason. If you have one of those homes, consider these tips from Set To Show to make your space seem larger and get the most out of your open house:


●        Clear The Clutter

When getting ready to show your home, one of the easiest things you can do is cut down the clutter. Taking down extra personal decorations, items you rarely use, and excess items that aren’t necessary is an easy way to make the space look larger.


Every corner does not have to be filled! Clearing out the corners of your home will show off more square footage to prospective buyers, and make the space seem larger and more valuable.


●        Give The Room Light

Giving the room light makes it feel more open and spacious. However, if certain rooms do not have large windows to help bring in light, there are some things you can do. Hanging up mirrors in a certain room can create depth by reflecting the light streaming into the room. When there are existing reflective surfaces in place, like stainless steel appliances, your job is already easier. Additionally, refrain from blocking windows with furniture or heavy curtains.


●        Paint With Light Colors

Painting with light colors is an easy, cost-effective way to make your rooms seem brighter and bigger. Don’t hesitate to paint just your walls with light colors, either. Incorporating a light, neutral color scheme throughout the whole room and adjoining rooms is an easy way to make it feel more spacious. Creating a bright, welcoming space is an easy way to draw potential buyers in.


●        Arrange Furniture In An Open, Cohesive Way

When arranging the furniture in your home, keep in mind how the furniture arrangement makes each room look. It is important to make sure the furniture is placed in a way that makes the room seem open and welcoming. It does not matter if you have several small pieces of furniture, or a couple large ones. Either way, it matters how they’re arranged. An easy way to give the room more space is to pull chairs and couches away from the walls. Making sure the furniture does not block windows is also crucial.


●        Wall Decorations

Just like clutter and furniture, too many wall decorations can make a room seem smaller to buyers than it actually is. Strategically placing wall decorations, like large paintings or family photos, is an easy way to give the room space. Hanging these items at the average person’s eye level and leaving space around them makes the wall appear spacious and tall.


●        Window Treatments

We’ve already covered how an abundance of light makes rooms appear more open and welcoming. Covering up the natural light with dark, heavy curtains is an easy way to dampen that. By removing valances, curtains, and drapes, you can allow more light into a room. Not only does this make room for more light, it also neutralizes any sense of decor and shows off the architecture of the windows.


●        Simplicity Is Bliss

All in all, when you’re trying to make the rooms in your home look more open and welcoming, keeping it simple is the best way to go. Limiting decorations, furniture, and eccentric floor and wall patterns is an easy way to accomplish this. Keeping it simple makes your home seem larger, which entices more potential buyers to look into it. When it comes down to it, our rule of thumb is to stage with about half of what we live with.

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