Selling your home comes with its challenges, but it can be made easier by doing a few simple things. A key factor to selling your home is making it feel welcoming to everyone who walks through the door for a tour. To do this, it’s important to remove personal belongings, clear out clutter, and ensure your home is clean and presentable. Here, our experts at Set To Show will walk you through the best things to do before an open house.


●        Fix the Obvious

While you may be accustomed to the little damages around your home, people who are coming to tour the home do not want to see those things. Broken items make it seem like they’ll have to pay more to fix the house after they have bought it. Additionally, you should make sure your lawn is clean, mowed, and in good condition, while also making sure the outside of the house is clean.


●        Clear the Clutter

The people coming to tour your home during the open house do not want to see your personal touches and random piles everywhere. Throwing away or even stowing away some of your unnecessary items can go a long way toward helping your guests feel more at home. Additionally, if you do not have extra storage space for things you need, there are a variety of affordable organizing devices that fit well in any home.


●        Add Some Plants or Flowers

Adding plants or flowers to any space generally makes it seem friendlier. We have found our clients have more success when they have some greenery in their main rooms to add life and color to the space. If you don’t have picture worthy plants in your home, simply buy cheap flowers that are all the same and place them throughout the space. Keeping the greenery simple is the best way to go, so it does not overpower the space.


●        Make Your Bathroom Feel Spa-Like

Giving your bathroom a deep clean, as well as buying a few cheap accessories, are great ways to transform any sized space. Investing in some affordable, sweet smelling soaps, lotions, and air fresheners is an easy way to make the room seem welcoming, no matter how small it is. However, you do not want the smell to be overpowering. Instead, you should aim for a slight vanilla, lavender, or fresh linen scent, as many people find comfort in those scents. Additionally, hiding all your toiletries and other personal belongings is key. Buying new, white towels adds light to the space, as well. 


●        Touch Up The Family Room

Like the bathroom, your family room can be transformed for a small price. Adding simple items, such as plants, new light bulbs, drum shades, and small, natural throw pillows can instantly make the space feel brighter and more homey. If you don’t like the patterns on your furniture, instead of buying a slipcover, buy a textured throw to draw your guests away from the furniture and to the rest of the room. Cleaning the room, as well as covering or fixing any wall or floor damage are also simple ways to make the room more enticing to potential buyers.

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